September 8, 2008

  1. New Sections
    JJAP will be reorganized from January 2009 by closing the Communications section and starting the Rapid Communications and the Brief Notes sections.

    • Rapid Communications: The Rapid Communications section (page limit: 3 printed pages) is devoted to the speedy dissemination of new works important to various fields of applied physics. The Rapid Communications will be published bi-weekly on line and printed monthly.
    • Brief Notes: The Brief Notes section will report important improvements in instrumentation, fabrication technologies, etc. as well as serve as an archive for important material parameters, etc. (page limit: 2 printed pages). The Brief Notes will be published monthly.

    NOTE: The manuscripts received in the Communications automatically be transferred to the Rapid Communications section.

  2. JJAP Introduces PACS for Paper Classification
    Upon paper submission, the author(s) should choose appropriate PACS codes for their paper, instead of the JJAP Classification Scheme. The keywords after the abstract will be unnecessary.
  3. Citation Format
    JJAP will use a citation format based on six-digit article IDs instead of conventional page numbers.
  4. Publication Charge in 2009
    The following rate will be used for manuscripts prepared using MS Word or LaTeX:
    10,000JPY/printed page (without reprints).
    You can order reprints in lots of 50 copies if needed. The prices of reprints will soon be available.

More details will be announced later.

Akihiro Kono, Editor-in-Chief