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Authors are recommended to read How To Write A Research Paper before starting a preparation of a manuscript.


Papers should be submitted on the web-based system. Authors are requested to prepare a manuscript in accordance with the Instructions for preparation of manuscript and then to follow the guidelines in Submission Guideline for submission. It is necessary to register as a user of “JJAP&APEX Online Submission System” if you do not already have an ID and password.


Authors or their institutions are required to pay the publication charge at the following rates when the paper is accepted.

See for details of the publication changes.

>> Information about Page Charge Exemption


IOPP handles the language editing without extra charge for the publications. See announcement for details.


The reprints service is accessed directly from the article abstract in IOPscience via the “Buy this article in print” link within the Article Information section. For orders in excess of 250 copies, please contact pod@iop.org.


  • Copyright for an article submitted to JJAP is transferred to the Japan Society of Applied Physics when the manuscript is accepted for publication by JJAP Editorial Board. For the details, please see The Copyright Policy of JSAP .
  • The authors may use all or part of their article in compilations or other publications of their own work on the condition that written notice be sent to
Copyright Permissions Division
1st Floor, 1-21-5 Nezu, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0031, Japan
E-mail: permission@jsap.or.jp Fax: +81-3-3823-1811

Submission of original JJAP papers based on contents already published in conference proceedings, extended abstracts, or the likes

A. Regular Paper Submission to JJAP

We welcome authors to submit extended versions of their conference proceedings papers, extended abstracts, or the likes already published (or accepted for publication at the time of submission) to JJAP as a full-length paper, i.e., a Regular Paper of JJAP. In such a case, however, the authors must follow the guidelines given below:

1. Please cite the corresponding conference proceedings papers or extended abstracts etc. in the manuscript and include a brief description in the text about what has been newly added in the present manuscript.

2. In order for the submission to be regarded as an original contribution, at least one of the following must be included as new material in the manuscript:

  • New data that were not disclosed in the already published articles.
  • More comprehensive explanation of the basic theory and/or detailed derivation of formulas and equations.
  • More comprehensive analysis of the data and/or more in-depth considerations or new interpretations of the results.

Simply adding more sentences and brushing up expressions in the original articles are not sufficient. Inclusion of new materials is mandatory.

The acceptance/rejection of the paper will be determined by evaluating whether the paper including the new materials has sufficient originality, novelty, and impact deserving its publication in JJAP provided that the content of the paper has already been published partially.

3. When submitting the manuscript, please attach copies of the preceding publications and explain in “Cover Letter to the Editor” what new materials have been included in the manuscript as compared with the already published articles.

They will be considered in the review process. Failure to submit appropriate copies at the time of submission might lead to the recognition of the manuscript as a “duplicate submission.” If the paper is judged to be a “duplicate submission” after having been accepted and published, the paper will be retracted.

Publications that were not subjected to refereeing and selection processes and not available to the general public, such as those in conference books for on-site use or the likes, are excluded from the application of the guidelines given above.

B. Submission of Brief Notes or Rapid Communications to JJAP

For submission of Brief Notes and Rapid Communications, the same guidelines given for Regular Papers will basically apply. However, for Rapid Communications, the authors are requested to clearly explain why “the letter-speed publication” is necessary while the main contents of the paper are already published (or will be published in advance).

March 11, 2014

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the editorial office of JJAP.

Information about Page Charge Exemption

Authors or their institutions are required to pay a publication charge when a paper is accepted. For details of the publication charges, please refer to General Information. However, the JJAP Editorial Board may help authors who have genuine difficulty in paying the publication charge. This is only applicable when all the authors belong to institutions outside Japan. Such financial support is available to only a limited number of papers per year. Authors who wish to apply for such an exemption should send an application form for page charge exemption with the authorized signature of the author in charge of this application and the signature of the Department Head of the institution at the time of submission.

Authors applying for charge exemption shall be deemed to have consented to the conditions listed below:

  • The JJAP Editorial Board will evaluate each application based on the importance of the research and the financial situation of the authors after the paper review process is finished. Therefore, the publication will be delayed if the authors apply for an exemption.
  • The application for an exemption does not affect the paper review process in any way.
  • If the paper is accepted for publication, however, it does not necessarily mean that it will be published with the exemption of the publication charge. If the application for exemption is not approved by the JJAP Editorial Board, the authors will be requested to send the agreement for payment of the publication charge to the JJAP Editorial Office within three weeks of the request by the JJAP Editorial Division. Otherwise, the decision to accept the paper will be canceled unless a satisfactory reason is given.
  • If the exemption application is approved by the JJAP Editorial Board, the authors will be exempted from the payment of the publication charge and English correction fee (if necessary) in accordance with this program.
  • An appeal or an inquiry against the non-approval of this application will NOT be undertaken.
  • There is NO possibility of a discount or partial exemption of the publication charge.

[NOTICE] Author(s) who wish to apply for a Publication Charge Exemption (not applicable to a Special Issue article) are requested to use the application form specifically prepared for the application. Even in this case, the authors are requested to complete and send the copyright transfer agreement form.

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