After we officially receive a new submission, our system allows you to access the following services with your ID and Password:

  • check the current status of your manuscript,
  • correct the user information,
  • view reviewer’s reports,
  • submit a revised manuscript.

The author is able to update the paper information (i.e., title, classification number, corresponding author, and so on) by contacting the editorial office.


The corresponding author will be notified of the results of review by an e-mail that prompts the author to log onto the JJAP&APEX Online Submission System to see the detailed comments and further suggestions. If a revision is required or suggested, the authors are requested to complete it within three months. In order to enhance the JJAP policy of up-to-date results with high impact, it is strongly advised to finish the revision promptly.

If the authors are notified that the paper cannot be accepted, they can make an appeal against rejection by document only once. Authors are welcome to submit a new manuscript to JJAP after major revision or rewriting based on the referee’s and editor’s comments. In that case, it may accelerate the review process if the authors indicate the reference number of the previous (rejected) manuscript in their cover letter.