JJAP Conference Proceedings

JJAP Conf. Proc. 3, 011302 (2015) doi:10.7567/JJAPCP.3.011302

The laser ablation as a perspective technique for the deposition of metal-silicide nanoparticles in situ embedded in PECVD of Si:H thin films

The Ha Stuchlikova1, Radek Fajgar2, Martin Kostejn2, Vladislav Drinek2, Zdenek Remes1,3, Jiri Stuchlik1

  1. 1Institute of Physics ASCR, v. v. i., Cukrovarnická 10/112, 162 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic
  2. 2Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the ASCR, v. v. i., Rozvojová 135, 165 02 Praha 6, Czech Republic
  3. 3Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Sitna 3105, 27201 Kladno, Czech Republic
  • Received August 01, 2014
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In this paper we introduce amorphous hydrogenated silicon thin films (a-Si:H) deposited by PECVD with embedded magnesium silicide (Mg2Si) nanoparticles (NPs) which are created by reactive laser ablation (RLA) of Mg target in low pressure of silane (SiH4). Both techniques are periodically changed in short intervals–each of the monolayers of Mg2Si NPs is covered by thin a-Si:H film. The physical characteristics of those films are studied not only on high quality optical substrates but in diode structures too. As a final result we introduce the voltage dependence of the electroluminescence of deposited diodes.

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